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Troja Palace (Trojský zámek)

Troja Palace

Troja Palace is located in Troja in the outskirts of Czech capital of Prague on the right bank of Vltava river.



Location: U Trojskeho zamku 1, Troja

Tel. 283 851 614

Bus 112 from Holesovic subway station

Open: Apr- Oct 10am- 6pm Tue- Sun

Nov- Mar 10am- 5pm Sat, Sun


Entrance Fee:

Adult: 100 CZK

Student, children, seniors: 50 CZK

Family: 200 CZK




History of Troja Palace


The original structure of Troja Palace was designed by Burgundian architect Jean Baptista Mathey and constructed in 1679-1691 by the orders of Count Sternberg. The construction of Troja Palace was briefly cancelled due to plague epidemic in 1685. Architectural style is shaped by design of the French and Italian villas. Much of the interior survived to modern times. Beautiful decorations cover all buildings including stables of the palace. Today Troja Palace houses a gallery of the 19th century Czech art.









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