Velhartice Castle

Velhartice Castle or Welhartitz Castle is a medieval castle located in Velhartice, West Bohemia in Czech Republic. It is one of the most interesting castle in the country. Its unique architecture and great state of preservation make it worth a visit.



Location: Velhartice, West Bohemia  Map

Constructed: 1290-1310

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Description of Velhartice Castle

Velhartice Castle is a Gothic fortress was constructed in 1290-1310 by Bohumil of Budětice and later followed by Bušek the Elder and his son Bušek the Younger of Velhartice. This noble family was a loyal chamberlains of Emperor Charles IV and enjoyed great prestige and wealth of the court. In 1790's Desfours family turned the ruins of the medieval structure into paper making factory. In 1882 Velhartice Castle was converted to leather- tanning factory. During World War II the factory was producing sleeping bags and military boots for the Wehrmacht or German Army. At the end of war several units of George S. Patton's Third Army were stationed here. After the war however new borders were drawn and Velhartice Castle became part of Soviet backed Czechoslovakia. Castle's last ruler Prince Windisch- Graetz was expelled to Austria.