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Vyšehrad Castle


Vyšehrad Castle is situated in the far suburbs of Prague, capital of Czech Republic.



Location: south suburbs of Prague

Built: 10th century

Subway: Vyšehrad

Trolley: 3, 7, 16, 18, 24, 97









History of Vyšehrad Castle

The stronghold of Vyšehrad Castle dates its beginning to the 10th century. It was constructed on a strategic hill on the bank of Vltava river by the royal family to defend Prague against possible attack from the Southern direction. In the 11th century the crown built Basilica of Saint Peter and Saint Paul along with Saint Martin Rotunda to boost the importance of the citadel and its strategic location. This Gothic Roman Catholic Church stands today towering over fortress.


Holy Roman Emperor Charles IV expanded the stronghold, improved its fortifications and constructed a royal palace. It was badly damaged by the Hussite troops in 1420 and then again in 1448 by the troops of king George of Poděbrady, king of Bohemia and one of the leaders of Hussite movement. Vyšehrad Castle was largely abandoned as a military citadel in favor of Prague Castle. It still preserved its importance as a Royal residence. In the middle 17th century Habsburg Dynasty renovated Vyšehrad Castle thereby increasing its size and giving it overall Baroque appearance.


Today Vyšehrad Castle is famous for its historic Vyšehrad cemetery that contains tombs of famous and notable people in the Czech republic. These include Romantic composer Antonin Dvorak, Karel Capek, Nedrich Smetana, Alphonse Mucha and over 600 people who added their own share to culture and education of the country.














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