Zbraslav Château (Zámek Zbraslav)

Zbraslav Château

Zbraslav Chateau is situated 12 km South of Prague city center in Czech Republic. It was originally built in 1292 Czech king Wenceslas II on the confluence of Vltava and Berounka.



Location: Bartonova 2, Zbraslav

Tel. 257 921 638

Subway: Smichovshe nadrazi  then take bus: 129 241, 243, 255, 318, 360

Open: Tue- Sun 10am- 6pm



Description of Zbraslav Chateau

Zbraslav Chateau originally served as a Cistercian monastery that was supposed be the burial site for the Bohemian Royalty. First monks moved here from Sedlec Monastery near Kutná Hora. The last king to be buried here was king Wenceslas IV who was laid to rest in 1419. Just next year in 1420 Hussites captured and burned down the religious complex of the Roman Catholic Church. During Thirty Years' War Zbraslav Chateau was plundered again.


Only in 1739 two engineers Giovanni Santini and František Maximilián Kaňka designed a new reconstruction of the monastery in Baroque style. In 1785 the monastery was dissolved. It was transformed into a factory. Only in the early 20th century the former abbey was reconstructed to its original glory. Today it houses a collection of sculptures from the 19th and 20th centuries and a gallery of the Asian art.