Český Ráj (Czech Paradise) aka Bohemian Paradise

Český Ráj

Český Ráj (Czech Paradise) aka Bohemian Paradise is a natural park located in a Northern Bohemia just 50 km North of Czech capital of Prague. It covers an area of 181 km². This nature reserve is famous for pristine forests and magnificent geological formations as well as historic castle that were constructed during medieval times.



Location: Northern Bohemia Map

Transportation: car 1.5 hours 100 km from Prague
Telephone: 481366255, 481366256
Fax: 481366256

Area: 181 km²


Trosky Castle (Hrad Trosky) (Český Ráj)

Location: 10 km South of Semily, Liberec Region Map

Tel (+420) 481 313925

Constructed: 14th century


Trosky Castle is situated just 10 km south of Semily, Liberec Region in Český Ráj. It was constructed in 14th century on the orders of Čeněk of Wartenberg, commander of the Royalist Bohemian forces during Hussite Wars. This important military citadel served pro Catholic armies as a base of their actions. Taborite Army never managed to capture this castle. After the end of wars Trosky Castle became a base for the robber knight Kryštov Šov of Helfenburg and with his friend and business partner Švejkar. Their business involved mostly stealing and killing trading caravans. Residents of Zhořelec and Žitavy villages eventually united and kicked bandits out of the Trosky Castle. The castle served as a residence until 1648 when during the Thirty Years' War Imperial Army burned it down.


In the 19th century Trosky Castle was partially reconstructed. Romanticism was quiet popular during the period and picturesque surroundings made it more popular with various artists, writers and simply fans of nature. Trosky Castle has two towers. One is called Maiden Tower and another is a Hag Tower. The Maiden tower is taller and looks more slender, while the Hag Tower is shorter and bigger. Trosky Castle is constructed around the natural peak and will require certain physical stamina to climb its seemingly stairs.


Hruba Skala (Český Ráj)

Location: Český Ráj Map


Hruba Skala is a historic settlement that was raised around former royal residence. A well fortified chateau was constructed here during the 13th century by the Waldstein (Wallenstein) dynasty. Between 1416 and 1460 the castle was owned by the Lords of Jenštejna until it was turned to headquarters of the royal army. The closest village is a Turnova situated 6 km Northwest of the Hruba Skala. This residence is open to the public and parts of it serve as a hotel for tourists.