Koněprusy Caves

Koněprusy Caves

Koneprusy Caves are natural underground formations with picturesque geologic formations and unique biosphere.



Location: Koněpruské jeskyně Koněprusy

Open: 8am- 4pm Apr- June

8am- 5pm July- Aug

8am- 4pm Sept

8:30am- 3pm Oct

Closed: Nov- March


Tel. (311) 622- 405


Koněprusy Caves


Description of Koněprusy Caves

Koněprusy Caves are located southwest of Prague, 6 km (3.7 mi) south of Beroun and named after Koněprusy village nearby. Caves were rediscovered in 1950 and public access opened them in 1959. The tour of Koněprusy Caves takes you through 620 meters of the cave and lasts between 45 to 60 minutes. Due to constant chilly temperature of 10 C (50 F) it might be a challenge so dress accordingly.


Koněprusy Caves are three- level cave system inside a Zlatý kůň hill in a limestone of Devonian age. Its total length measures at 2 km with vertical range of 70 meters. Archeological digs found human remains about 13,000 years old with many animal remains like woolly rhino who lived in the area and were hunted by the local people. Over course of history the caves were used for different purposes and groups of people. Usually it involved illegal activity. One of the most notable are found at the upper level of the caves. A whole workshop of coin forger from about 1470 was discovered inside Koněprusy Caves.


Koněprusy Caves 

Path to the Koněprusy Caves

Koněprusy Caves 

Paleontology digs in the cave