Krkonoše National Park (Krkonošský národní park, KRNAP)

Krkonoše National Park

Krkonoše National Park is a nature preserve in Liberec and Hradec Králové region of East Bohemia in the North Central Czech Republic.


Location: Liberec Hradec Králové, East Bohemia     Map

Area: 385 km2

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Description of Krkonoše National Park

Krkonoše National Park covers an area of 385 km2 and protects Krkonoše mountain range, the highest in the country. This expanse of untouched reserve continues on the other side of the Polish border forming a continuous chunk of pristine forest. Two zones of the reserve are completely closed to human presence and no hikers are allowed in its border, while the third zone has a well marked web of hiking trails. Krkonoše National Park also contains the highest peak in the country named Snow Mountain or Sněžka (1602 meters). The headquarters of Krkonoše National Park are located in the Harrachov, Spindleruv Mlyn and Vrchlabí.


The most popular time to visit is between May and September during warmer months of the season, however it is open all year long and offers various activities throughout the year. Keep in mind that snow cover on top of the mountain range might persist for close to 6 months. Thus winter snowmobiles ares more preferred way to explore the forests and mountains. Keep close to beaten paths as venturing into forest might be very dangerous.