Liberec (German Reichenberg) is a statutory town in northern Bohemia and a regional town in the Liberec region. It has approximately 105,000 inhabitants and is thus the fifth largest city in the Czech Republic. Together with the neighboring Jablonec nad Nisou and the surrounding municipalities, it forms a wider settlement agglomeration; Liberec is a founding member of the Nisa Euroregion, and since 2004 its capital.

Liberec is located about 91 km north-northeast of Prague and 99 km north-northwest of Hradec Králové. The town lies in the Liberec basin of the Zittau Basin between the Ještěd-Kozák ridge to the south and the Jizera Mountains to the northeast. The foot of the town hall is at an altitude of 374 m above sea level, the highest point of the city cadastre is the peak of Ještěd (1012 m above sea level), the lowest is the level of the Nisa in the northern part of Machnín (325 m above sea level). on which lies the Harcovská dam. Natural water areas are ponds: for example Vesecký (so-called Teich), Kačák (Žabák) in Krásná Studánka or Seba pond (dam) in Janov Dole.

Until 1939, Liberec covered an area of ​​6.2 km², which today represents the historic center of the city. After the connection of 11 municipalities on May 1, 1939, the city expanded by another 23 municipalities in 1954, 1963, 1976, 1980 and 1986. After 1989, on the contrary, four municipalities separated from the city. The area of ​​the city cadastre is 106.09 km2. Of this, 35.2% is agricultural land, over half of it is meadows and pastures. Two thirds of non-agricultural land is forest land (39.9% of the total area).