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Loket Castle (Hrad Loket)

Loket Castle

Loket Castle or formerly known as a Stein-Elbogen Castle is located in Loket, Karlovy Vary Region of the Czech Republic.



Location: Loket, Karlovy Vary Region, West Bohemia  Map


Constructed: 1230





Description of Loket Castle


Loket Castle was constructed on the high bank overlooking Eger river in 1230 during reign of king Přemysl Otakar I. The castle became known locally as a site for secret experiments of alchemists and wizards. The stone in the centre of the castle courtyard is said to be one of these magicians who was transformed into a boulder for his illegal actions. The reality is much simpler however. It is a meteorite and was probably brought here for its unusual shape and appearance.


It is hard to say what caused the spark in Loket Castle in 1725. It might have been an accident due to chemical experiments or just a candle. Regardless of the cause, much of the castle was burned down. Most of the castle was destroyed. Only lower levels as well as underground casemates are preserved today. Loket Castle reconstruction began in the 19th century giving it its modern appearance.









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