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Fredensborg Palace

Fredensborg Palace

Fredensborg Palace is located on the island of Zealand in Denmark. It serves as spring and autumn residence of the Danish Royal Family on the shores of Lake Esrum.



Location: Highway 6, 30 km North of island of Zealand   Map

Tel. 33 40 31 87

Open: Jul: 1- 4:30pm daily

Gardens: 9am- 5pm daily




History of Fredensborg Palace

Fredensborg Palace was constructed by architect Johan Cornelius Krieger upon orders of Danish king Frederick IV. Krieger designed a magnificent Dutch Baroque and Rococo palace. For many years he subsequently served as a royal gardener.



The Great Northern War was coming to a close and Danish monarch decided to celebrate the victory over the Sweden and its Allies. The peace treaty was signed here on July 3rd, 1720 while the residence was still unfinished. Fredensborg experienced many subsequent remodeling projects.


Fredensborg Palace has a square shape with a central dome. Official royal residence is surrounded by a beautiful garden with a network of trails. It is the largest such garden in the country. Its layout was designed by King Frederick IV himself. Over a course of next three centuries it was expanded and increased in size. One of the most interesting features of these gardens is a so- called Norwegian Valley that contains over hundred sculptures of Norwegian and Faroese farmers and fishermen. Additionally you can find a small greenhouse next to a palace. Additionally there is a small royal chapel. You can get here from a park from a secrete underground passage from the inner chambers of the Fredensborg Palace. Fredensborg Palace and surrounding gardens are usually resorted for a Royal family and official state visits, but in July it is open to the public.










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