Blokhus is a small tourist and seaside town in Vendsyssel with 511 inhabitants (2020), located in Hune Parish by the Skagerrak. The city is located in Jammerbugt Municipality and belongs to the North Jutland Region. Originally, Blokhus had the character of being a charging station before tourism came to the place.

In the 17th century and up to the 19th century, Blokhus was a maritime community that fully or partially subsisted by shipping with Norway. The origins of the gun trade are lost in history, but by the Poster of 4 Sept. In 1680, the residents of Klitmøller, Blokhus and at Tornby Strand were given permission to export grain to Norway and import timber from there in exchange for paying customs duties.

In the 18th century, several witnesses appeared about Blokhus' participation in the Norwegian ship trade.

Around 1859 Blokhus is described as follows: "Blokhuus med Gjæstgiveri, Herredsfogedbolig, Sæde for Forligelsescommissionen og Thingsted for Hvetbo Herreds Jurisdiction, Bolig for Toldcontrolleur, Bageri, Befordringsstation, Redningsstation, Vindmølle", og det oplyses further, at der fra Blibsok operates "Grocery trade and several Kjøbstednæring. Here a spring market is held with Horses, Cattle, Breeding tools and Wood products".

In 1801 Blokhus had 115 inhabitants, in 1840 137 inhabitants, in 1860 142 inhabitants, in 1870 149 inhabitants, in 1880 151 inhabitants.

Previously Blokhus was in Hvetbo county, until 1970 Hjørring county, 1970-2006 North Jutland county.