Christiansfeld is a town in Southern Jutland with 3,016 inhabitants (2020), located 13 km north of Haderslev and 18 km south of Kolding. The city belongs to Kolding Municipality and is located in the Region of Southern Denmark.

In Folkekirken, Christiansfeld belongs to Tyrstrup Parish, but the Brethren, which founded the town in 1773, still stands strong with approx. 450 members. The Brethren Church is located in the middle of the city and Tyrstrup Church is located in the southern part of the city.


World Heritage
In the European Year of Building Protection 1975, Christiansfeld was named "extremely worthy of preservation". A number of the town's houses are listed. In 2002-2014, the Brethren Church, Christiansfeld Municipality (from 2007 Kolding Municipality) and Realdania, with the help of other foundations, renovated the city's historic houses in Denmark's largest privately funded urban conservation project with a budget of DKK 225 million. DKK.

When the houses have been preserved, it is because they are built of yellow Flensburg stone and not built of half-timbering which was otherwise prevalent in the 18th century. The woodwork is also first-class craftsmanship, so only a few windows have had to be replaced. "The window frames are made of heartwood, which is cut with the veins in the right direction and treated with linseed oil. This has made the wood so strong that it is difficult to stick an awl into it," explains the carpenter who participated in the renovation.

Christiansfeld was inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List in 2015.

The name
The town is named after King Christian VII, and Feld means "field" in German. The name Christiansfeld is pronounced with emphasis on the first syllable.

Christiansfeld School has 465 students, divided into 0.-9. grade. The cube at the northern end of the city houses a sports hall that seats 1,500 people, of which 396 seats are seating. In addition, there is a gym, squash courts and bowling alleys.

The weekly newspaper Tyrstrup Herreds Tidende or Christiansfeld Avis, founded in 1924, is published in the city. The city has several grocery stores. 1 km northwest of the city is Tyrstrup Kro, which has 27 rooms and meeting facilities.

Arla Foods bought the former Tyrstrup Dairy, which now houses the group's largest fresh food terminal with approximately 400 employees.