Fejø is a Danish island in Smålandsfarvandet (Eng .: Smålandsfahrwasser) north of the island of Lolland. The island is up to 13 m high and 7.5 km wide with an area of 16 km² and is connected to the neighboring island of Skalø by a dam. Both islands have a total of 460 inhabitants (as of January 1, 2020) The islands form their own parish Fejø Sogn, which originally belonged to Harde Fuglse Herred in Maribo Amt, then from 1970 to Ravnsborg Kommune in what was then Storstrøms Amt and since the municipal reform for 1 January 2007 to Lolland Municipality in the Sjælland region.

Fejø belongs to the Association of Danish Small Islands. The islands of Askø, Femø and Lilleø are adjacent. The island's marina is a popular destination for many recreational skippers, especially in the summer months.

There is an hourly ferry service to Kragenæs, the crossing takes 15 minutes.


The treasure trove
In 2015 amateur archaeologists found eight drinking cups (two of them fragmented) from the Viking Age on Fejø, which are probably connected to the 9.7 cm high Fejøbægeret of five silver cups from 1872. The composition of the find with a large silver cup and a number of small drinking cups is known. In Denmark there are similar finds in Lejre and Ribe.