Glumsø is a station town in the northern part of South Zealand with 2,147 inhabitants (2020), located in Glumsø Parish. The town is located in Næstved Municipality and belongs to Region Zealand. The city is located on the Roskilde-Næstved railway line, and regional trains on the Sydbanen stop at Glumsø Station.

Glumsø Bio was founded in 1923, and the building was designed by Johannes Tidemand-Dal. In addition, the city has a school, kindergartens, several grocery stores, the scout center Næsbycentret and a community center. The town is located in an open nature area between Næstved, Ringsted and Sorø.

Around 1870, the town is referred to as: "Glumsø with the Church, Præstegaard and School".

Around the turn of the century, the town was described as follows: "Glumsø with Church, Parsonage, School, Mission House (built 1897)," Glumsø Hospital "- to which Etatsraad Jens Andresen to Benzonsdal († 1772) and Wife gave 4000 Rd .; it is arranged for 8 Members, of whom 3 of the Scholarship Founder's Family live outside the Hospital (as the now 3 Nydere die away, the Legacy goes entirely to the parish's poor); The hospital received a new fund on 12 April 1882, just as it received a new building this year, a pharmacy, a guest house, a bakery, a brewery, a cooperative dairy (Kjøle-bæk), a grocery store, 2 mills, 2 doctors, several craftsmen and Telephone station ".