Guldborg is a small port town located on both Lolland and Falster. In total, the city has 539 inhabitants (2020), approx. 500 on Lolland, and almost 100 on Falster. The special thing about the city is that it is located on the narrowest point between the two islands, which has named the waters "Guldborg Sound". The two districts are connected by the Guldborg Bridge. The city is located in Guldborgsund Municipality which belongs to Region Zealand.


Guldborg extends over the parish communities (Danish: Sogn) Majbølle Sogn on Lolland, which belonged to Harde Musse Herred until the Danish municipal reform of 1970, and Brarup Sogn auf Falster, which at the time belonged to Falsters Nørre Herred, both in the then Maribo office. After this administrative reform, Majbølle Sogn belonged to Sakskøbing Kommune, Brarup Sogn to Nørre Alslev Kommune, both in Storstrøms Amt. With the municipal reform at the beginning of 2007, both municipalities were merged into the newly formed Guldborgsund Municipality in the Sjælland region.


Celebrities From Guldborg
Mads Kruse Andersen - Danish Olympic champion in rowing 2008