Hadsund is a fjord town in Himmerland with 4,971 inhabitants (2020) (5,428 inhabitants (2020) including Hadsund South). The town, which is the capital of the eastern Himmerland, has grown up around the old ferry terminal. The distance over Mariager Fjord is shortest at Hadsund, which meant that the Hadsund bridge was built. Via the bridge, the city forms a traffic junction between Kronjylland and Himmerland.

The town was granted trading center privileges on December 1, 1854, but never obtained township rights.

The city is located in the eastern part of Mariagerfjord Municipality and belongs to the North Jutland Region. Until 2007, Hadsund was the capital of the now defunct Hadsund Municipality and is today the second largest city in Mariagerfjord Municipality after Hobro. On the southern side of Mariager Fjord is Hadsund Syd, which is considered an independent urban area with almost 500 inhabitants.

Hadsund, together with Mariager, Arden and Hobro, has been designated as Mariagerfjord Municipality's capital cities. This is done on the basis of an expectation that most of the settlement and population development will take place in these cities. The main cities contain several different types of housing and forms of ownership. Hobro and Hadsund both have a broad business development.

The city has a larger selection of supermarkets and specialty stores. In the city there is also a covered shopping center, Hadsund Butikscenter.

Storegade has been the city's pedestrian street since 1990.