Hirtshals (formerly Hirshals) is located in Vendsyssel and is a fishing town with 5,733 inhabitants (2020). Hirtshals is especially known for its ports: the fishing port and the ferry port. The city originated around the harbor that was built 1919 - 1931 under the leadership of engineer Jørgen Fibiger. Hirtshals is located in Region North Jutland and belongs to Hjørring Municipality.


The location by the North Sea meant that a lighthouse was built on the site early on: Hirtshals Lighthouse.

Hirtshals had 437 inhabitants in 1906, 498 in 1911 and 516 in 1916.

In 1919, an architectural competition was held for a completely new port city at Hirtshals; it was won by Steen Eiler Rasmussen and Knud Christiansen. During the interwar period, Hirtshals developed: the town had 1,039 inhabitants in 1921, 1,219 in 1925, 1,287 in 1930, 1,438 in 1935 [6] and 1,546 inhabitants in 1940.

The city continued its development after World War II: it had 2,133 inhabitants in 1945, 2,532 inhabitants in 1950, 3,144 in 1955, 4,177 in 1960 and 4,799 inhabitants in 1965. The port was expanded in 1966 to one of the country's largest fishing ports.

In 1999, a live walrus stranded near the city, which was only the second time in recent times that a live walrus was seen in Danish waters.

In the period from the municipal reform in 1970 to 2007, Hirtshals was the capital of the former Hirtshals Municipality.