Hjallerup is a town in Vendsyssel with 4,184 inhabitants (2020), located 33 km southwest of Sæby, 20 km northeast of Aalborg, 10 km west of Dronninglund and 21 km southeast of Brønderslev. The town belongs to Brønderslev Municipality and is located in the North Jutland Region. In 1970-2006, the city belonged to Dronninglund Municipality. Hjallerup belongs to Hjallerup Parish, and Hjallerup Church from 1903 is located a little east of the city.


The town is especially known for Hjallerup Market, which is held every year in June and is visited by 200,000 people. One week each summer, the marketplace is used by the Inner Mission for Bible camping.

Opposite the market square is Hjallerup Mechanical Museum, which i.a. has restored cars, motorcycles, mopeds, tractors and agricultural machinery as well as radios and televisions, PCs, mobile phones and navigation equipment. In front of the museum is a jet fighter, and in a field at the end of the driveway is Thilo Frank's artwork Ekko, which was inaugurated on the market's first day in 2012 and is a circle of wooden frames that you can walk around.

At the northern end of the town is the Pastor Laier Museum. Anton Laier was a priest in Hjallerup 1927-1937, but was fired because he came into serious conflict with members of the congregation. Even before the firing, he had started making violent cement sculptures, which were set up in the rectory garden facing the main road. Later he lived in the house where there is now a museum with over 200 of his sculptures and a selection of his 250 paintings.