Hjørring is the largest town in Vendsyssel with 25,780 inhabitants (2020), located in Sankt Catharinæ and Sankt Olai Sogne. It is a market town and capital of Hjørring Municipality and is located in the North Jutland Region.

Hjørring is centrally located in a sparsely populated area and serves as a catchment area for large parts of especially the western and central Vendsyssel. It was originally cut through by a small stream called "Strømmen" which gave name to Strømgade. Hjørring is special as a market town, as it does not have a port like many other larger cities.

In the center of the city is Springvandspladsen, where Østergade, Strømgade, Søndergade and Jernbanegade meet. Strømgade is a pedestrian street that connects Springvandspladsen with Sct. Olai Plads. Østergade was turned into a pedestrian street in 2008, and here you will find i.a. the city's shopping center "Metropol". Jernbanegade leading to the railway station is Hjørring's walk-in-town street, where several restaurants are located together.

Hjørring is located approx. 50 km north of Aalborg, approx. 30 km west of Frederikshavn, 13 km southeast of Hirtshals, about 20 km northeast of Løkken, about 60 km southwest of Skagen. From the city center there are roads to the other major cities: Aalborgvej, Frederikshavnsvej, Hirtshalsvej, Løkkensvej and Sæbyvej.

There are 467 kilometers (via the Great Belt Bridge) to Copenhagen. Hamburg is 500 kilometers away. To Gothenburg there are (via. Frederikshavn-Gothenburg ferry) 120 kilometers and to Oslo there are 290 kilometers (via. Hirtshals-Oslo ferry).