Hobro is a market town at the bottom of Mariager Fjord with 12,130 inhabitants (2020), located in Hobro Parish. The city belongs to Mariagerfjord Municipality and is located in the North Jutland Region. Hobro is located in hilly terrain with high hills in both the northern and southern parts of the city. The city is located near the north-south highway E45 and is also a station town between Aalborg and Randers. Approx. 2 kilometers west of the city is the Viking castle Fyrkat, which is a ring castle dating back to the year 980.


Naming of Hobro
There are no reliable sources for the naming of Hobro. An older spelling of Hobro is certainly Hobroe, which was still used up until the end of the 19th century. Both past and present, the more local pronunciation dialect Hobrow is used. Among the various options for the name "Hobro", the following three can all be considered probable:

A: North of Mariager Fjord lived a man named Ho. He built a bridge over the fjord. The bridge was therefore called "Hos bro", which has since become Hobro.

B: The inner part of Mariager Fjord, today Hobro Vesterfjord (Onsild Å flows into the shallow Vesterfjord, which again via a river stretch flows into Mariager Fjord), was originally called "Ho", which is an older term for the word "trough". At "Truget" there has been a bridge, which has led over the shallow and swampy river and fjord stretch.

C: "Ho" originates from the Anglo-Saxon hoh, ho or hoo, which is related to a "a headland shaped like a heel or a boot and often jutting out into the sea". In this case, the "heel" should be identical to the low isthmus and Hobro means "the bridge at the heel".

The name - old form: Hofbroe - probably means the bridge over Ho, the old name of Onsild å. Legend has it that a man Ho built a bridge over the narrowest place by the fjord, where so far there had been a ferry, that he himself lived north of the bridge ("Hostrup Huse"), but that he together with 12 other men, who lived in a town Kirkedal (a long, deep valley "Kirkedal" is located about 1 quarter road east of the town), laid out Hobro south of the bridge.