Jyderup is a station town in Northwest Zealand with 4,338 inhabitants (2020) in Jyderup Parish in Holbæk Municipality. It belongs to Region Zealand. Its landmark is Jyderup Church, which dates from the end of the 12th century.

Before the municipal reform in 2007, the city was the administrative center for Tornved Municipality.

The city was once in two districts: the station town with a station on the Northwest line in the west and the church town in the east. The church town is the oldest part of the town. Now the two have grown together, but still divided by Skovvejen. The station town's core houses shop buildings on two or three floors.

It is surrounded by residential and industrial areas with several companies in the metal and electronics industry. The city is also known for housing Jyderup State Prison, which has existed since 1988, and which today has 162 prison places and 130 jobs.


Jyderup is located up to five forests; Bjergsted Forest, Grevindeskov, Stokkebjerg Forest, Aggersvold Forest and Jyderup Forest - which makes the city's surroundings a very natural area with lots of wildlife. There are 14 kilometers to the sea at Havnsø. In addition, there is an old ruin called Queen Margretes Ruin (named after Queen Margrethe I), which is located by Skarresø.

Around the lake there are several public nature trails. In Skarresø itself is the island of Magleholm, where one of Denmark's rare eagle pairs lives. In the old days, the lake was a mill pond for Kongens Mølle. The Jyderup trail runs from Svinninge through Jyderup to Kongskilde Fritidsgård south of Sorø.