Køge (formerly spelled Kjøge) is a town in East Zealand with 37,754 inhabitants (2020) in the urban area, which in addition to Køge itself also includes Ølby Lyng, Ølsemagle Lyng, Søndre Køge, Boholte, Hastrup, Svansbjerg and Herfølge. Køge thus constitutes Denmark's 18th largest urban area. The town is located in Køge Municipality located at the bottom of Køge Bay at the mouth of Køge Ås in the eastern waters and belongs to Region Zealand. Køge is today a kind of satellite city to Copenhagen, as it is almost connected to the urban buildings that run along the Køge Bay Motorway into Copenhagen.

Køge is an older market town with a number of old townhouses located in its city center, especially around Køge Torv, where i.a. Køge Town Hall and King Hans' Farm, from 1550 and 1634, respectively, are located side by side with older civic houses. In the square there is also a statue of Frederik VII created by the artist Herman Wilhelm Bissen in 1869. Between Kirkestræde and Nørregade is Sankt Nicolai Church, a Gothic church building built during the years 1250-1300 with a 43 meter high tower. The church is the city's landmark. Near the church in Kirkestræde 20 you will find Denmark's oldest dated half-timbered house, which was built in 1527; the house is today part of Køge Børnebibliotek.

In addition to its old interior, Køge also offers a modern environment. The city is located by two major motorways, E20 and E47 / E55, and has a modern industrial and traffic port, from where there is a ferry connection to Rønne on Bornholm. There are S-trains to Copenhagen as well as several other railway connections to Central, East and South Zealand cities in the area. Several large companies are headquartered in Køge, including Netto, Junckers Industrier A / S, Sun Chemical A / S (the former Kemisk Værk Køge) and CP Kelco - located in the station town of Lille Skensved seven kilometers northwest of Køge. The latter is also popularly known as the "Pectin Factory". The city has also previously been the headquarters of Codan Rubber (Codan Rubber), but the old factory area, which now goes by the name "The White City" due to the old whitewashed factory buildings, is today a mixed business area under development.

From Køge there are 22 kilometers to Store Heddinge, 24 to Roskilde, just over 26 to Ringsted, about 27 to Faxe, approx. 46 to Næstved, 39 to Copenhagen and just over 53 kilometers to Vordingborg.