Lemvig is a town in northern West Jutland with 6,895 inhabitants (2020), located 23 km southeast of Thyborøn, 24 km west of Struer and 34 km northwest of Holstebro. Lemvig is the capital of Lemvig Municipality, located in the northwest corner of the Central Jutland Region.


Lemvig is part of Nissum Bredning in the western part of the Limfjord. From the bottom of the cove, Sødalen continues with Lemvig Lake 2½ km to the southeast. The city originated between the cove and the lake, but has gradually spread via the steep valley sides up to the surrounding plateau. The road Vesterbjerg goes up the valley side through one of Denmark's few hairpin turns, and the road Østerbjerg goes up on the plateau in several large turns. 5 km south of the city, the terrain is flat enough that the Germans during the occupation could build Lemvig airfield (ICAO: EKLV).

A 2 meter high concrete wall at the harbor protects the city when a westerly storm pushes water from the North Sea into the Limfjord.

Lemvig belongs to Lemvig Parish, and Lemvig Church is located in the middle of the town on Torvet, which was originally a cemetery, but in 1807 the cemetery was moved to Vesterbjerg. The church originally had a high, pointed spire and only got its current bulbous dome at the major conversion and extension in 1933-35. The city coat of arms from the 19th century shows a tower with an onion dome, but it must be a fantasy, because at that time the church tower had a saddle roof.

Johanneskirken, which belongs to the Grundtvig Lemvig and Omegns Valgmenighed, was consecrated in 1883. It was built by the persistent church builder Andreas Bentsen and his apprentices and students from Vallekilde Højskole.

Lemvig has two primary schools, both with full superstructure. At the eastern end of the town is Lemtorpskolen with 397 students. It has SFO in Nørlem old school. Next to the school is the kindergarten Børnegården, standardized for 70-80 children. At the southwestern end of the city is Christinelystskolen with 638 students, including also in 10th grade, as well as Lemvig Gymnasium. Lemvig Sports and Culture Center nearby has 3 halls of different sizes and a swimming pool. Lemvig Gymnastikforening, founded in 1878, offers i.a. football, gymnastics, volleyball, exercise, athletics, dance and rock'n roll. In Sødalen, Thøger Larsen has a group under the Danish Scout Corps' scout house.

Along Strandvejen along the west side of Lemvig is Lemvig Golf Club, party place and marina with Lemvig Rowing Club and Lemvig Sailing Club.

Lemvig Hospital is now part of the Hospital Unit West and has i.a. X-ray and laboratory functions, midwife consultation, round-the-clock ambulance and rehabilitation section for stroke patients.

The Coastal Directorate's headquarters with approx. 80 employees is a large workplace in Lemvig.

Lemvig is already mentioned as a town (oppidum) in royal letters of 1234 and 1237 and 1252 in "Ribe Oldemoder", where it is called Læmwich and Lemvich. The town's name clearly has its origins in the cove on which it is located and the nearby parish of Lem (later Nørlem).