Løkken is a town in Vendsyssel with 1,624 inhabitants (2020), located by Jammerbugten 15 km west of Vrå, 26 km north of Aabybro and 21 km southwest of Hjørring. The town belongs to Hjørring Municipality and is located in the North Jutland Region. The town was originally a fishing village that was successful with boat trade, but today it is a busy tourist and holiday town.


Parishes and churches
Løkken belongs to Løkken-Furreby Parish. Furreby Church is a small Romanesque church without a tower. It is located north of Løkken itself in the former village Furreby, which is now a holiday home area and has grown together with Løkken. Løkken Church was built in the middle of the city in 1898. But the first church in Løkken itself was the Methodist Church, which was built in 1882. The Methodist congregation in Løkken was closed down in 2012, when there were only 4 members left.

The loop is located at the southern end of Lønstrup Klint, which extends 15 km north to Lønstrup and has its highest point on Rubjerg Knude 60 m above sea level. Here is Rubjerg Knude lighthouse, which had come dangerously close to the slope and was moved 80 meters further inland on 22 October 2019.

To the south, the 19 km long and very wide beach is open for car driving all year round all the way to Rødhus with descents along the way in Blokhus, Grønhøj and Saltum. Behind the beach, several areas in the dune landscape between Løkken and Rødhus are protected.

Børglum Kloster, which is now a museum, is located 5 km east of Løkken on a hill with a wide view.

Hotel Løkken Strand is built in a school building from 1926 and has 16 rooms. Løkken has 3 campsites, 3 B&B houses as well as many holiday homes and holiday apartments for rent.

There are only a few fishermen left in Løkken, but the fishing community still exists with pier, mooring, danger and signal mast, tar site and rescue house, which now houses the Coastal Fisheries Museum with the lifeboat from 1944. Løkken Museum, which is housed in a skipper's house from 1860, depicts the boat trade and the bathing life with the characteristic beach houses that are put out on the beach in the summer. Løkken Miniby is an association that is building a copy of Løkken in 1900 on a scale of 1:10.