Marielyst is a holiday town on the southeast coast of Falster. It has 725 inhabitants (2020) and is located in Guldborgsund Municipality, which belongs to Region Zealand. During the influx of tourists during the summer period, the population rises to over 50,000 in the high season, when the neighboring settlements Bøtø, Elkenøre, Stovby and Sildestrup are included.

In addition to one of Denmark's best sandy beaches, the town of Marielyst itself consists of a center with shopping facilities, clothing stores, pubs and restaurants, as well as discos.

In 1906, one of the area's four large farms opened as a seaside hotel. It is this farm, Marielyst, that has given its name to the area, and since 1971 has been a pensioner college under the name Højskolen Marielyst. Recently, it had a new concert hall built. The folk high school offers lectures, concerts and courses in creative subjects such as painting, sewing, glass, wood and jewelery making.

Among the bathing hotel's most famous guests was Franz Kafka in the summer of 1914, which was one of the hottest summers of the 20th century. Peter Malberg, Carl Holm and Olaf Rude were also guests this summer. Three cottages were then built by the beach, all with names inspired by Holger Drachmann. One was called Kitzwalde and was decorated with Drachmann quotes, painted by Olaf Rude. However, one quote - "The devil stands in the woman, because she fools all men" - was removed because the residents found it inappropriate and untrue.

From the resort there are approx. 2 kilometers to Væggerløse, 12 kilometers to Nykøbing Falster and 17 kilometers to Gedser.

In 2011, Kanal 5 broadcast the reality show The Kings of Marielyst, where a group of young people live in a holiday home in Marielyst and party in the city. The program series was followed up by later seasons elsewhere in Denmark (including Rømø and Svendborg).