Ringe is a town on Midtfyn with 6,179 inhabitants (2020), located 23 km south of Odense, 23 km north of Svendborg and 26 km northeast of Faaborg. Ringe is located in the Region of Southern Denmark and belongs to Faaborg-Midtfyn Municipality. Ringe is the municipality's second largest city and houses the town hall with a large part of the municipality's administration.

A little south of the city is Ringe State Prison, which was opened in 1976 and is a closed prison with 130 employees and room for 86 inmates.


The church
Ringe is located in Ringe Parish, and in the middle of the city is Ringe Church. It was originally a Romanesque church from 1125, but was rebuilt in Gothic style in the 17th and 18th centuries. Most notable is the tower, which in addition to its unusual location on top of the south chapel has five-part gables facing all four corners of the world.

Ringe Kommuneskole (Guldhøjskolen) has been closed down. In 1988, it was merged with Rubjerglundskolen (formerly Midtfyn's joint municipal Real Department), which was named Nordagerskolen, which now has 565 students, divided into 0.-9. grade. In 1967, the southern city got its own school, Tingagerskolen, which has 515 students, divided into 0.-10. grade level, with the city's 10th grade students gathered here. In addition, the city has Ringe Fri- og Efterskole, which is one of the country's oldest combined free and continuation schools. It has 133 students in the after-school center and 185 in the free school.

Ringe Kost- og Realskole was founded in 1907 as a middle and high school, but is now for children and young people who have to overcome trauma. It has room for 75 students and has about the same number of employees.

Spare time
Ringe Boldklub was founded in 1906 under the name Ringe Fodboldklub and achieved its best results in 1967-72, where it played in the Danish league. Risøhøj is the town's handball club. Ringe Gymnastikforening offers athletics, water gymnastics, swimming, gymnastics and croquet. In addition, there is Ringe Swimming Club, Ringe Badminton Club and Midtfyn Volleyball Club.

Ringe has 2 scout groups: The green YMCA Scouts, which are based at Guldhøj, and the blue scouts from the Rethingh group, which belongs to the Danish Scout Corps.

Nassau Door, which produces industrial door solutions, is located in Ringe. Sales to more than 30 countries take place through subsidiaries in 5 European countries, as well as dealers in other European countries, the Middle East and Asia. In total, the company employs approx. 500 employees.

Rynkeby Foods, which has been owned by Arla Foods since 1998, is the Nordic region's largest producer of juice and juice and employs 243 people (2010). The vast majority of production takes place in Ringe, only 25 km from Rynkeby near Kerteminde, where the company started in a brewery in 1934.

Kompan, which produces playground equipment, was founded in 1970 by the artist Tom Lindhardt after he discovered that children would rather play on his sculpture than admire it. In 2004-07, production was gradually moved to Brno in the Czech Republic, but the headquarters remained in Ringe in rented premises until 2011, when a new headquarters in Odense was inaugurated.