Skjern is a station town and former market town in West Jutland with 7,843 inhabitants (2020), located 5 km north of Tarm, 43 km southwest of Herning and 26 km southeast of Ringkøbing. Skjern belongs to Ringkøbing-Skjern Municipality and is located in the Central Jutland Region. Skjern is the second largest city in the municipality, surpassed only by Ringkøbing.

Skjern belongs to Skjern Parish, and Skjern Church is located in the city. For a short period around 1940, Skern was the common spelling.

The city is located north of Skjern Å, Denmark's richest river. It forms Denmark's only river delta at its outlet in Ringkøbing Fjord 7 km west of Skjern. In Skjern Enge there are over 20 km of hiking trails and several bird towers. The river's two courses can be crossed with self-service tow ferries.

Two sculptures by Piet Hein are set up in Skjern. At the roundabout Holstebrovej / Ringkøbingvej / Ringvejen is "Kysset" worth DKK 500,000. It was erected on 16 December 2005. And at the roundabout Arnborgvej / Østergade / Ringvejen you can see the over 4 m high superellipse "The Egg", which is erected December 3, 1999. It is made of silver-bronzed fiberglass and cost approx. 400,000 kr.

A sculpture by Holger Danske, which has previously stood in front of Hotel Marienlyst in Elsinore, came to Skjern on 2 May 2013. At the initiative of real estate agent Jørgen Axelsen, a number of Skjern citizens had bought it at auction for DKK 3.2 million. It was placed on Mølletorvet, which is now called Holger Danskes Plads.

13 km northwest of Skjern is Stauning Airport, which houses the Danish Aviation Museum.