Spodsbjerg is a port town on Langeland with 214 inhabitants (2020), located 9 km east of Rudkøbing. The city belongs to Langeland Municipality and is located in the Region of Southern Denmark. Spodsbjerg belongs to Longelse Parish. Longelse Church is located 3 km southwest of Spodsbjerg.



Ferry operation
There has been a ferry to Lolland since the Middle Ages, where farmers operated small-scale fishing from the coast. The crossing is first mentioned in writing in 1560, when "Spodsbjerg Skibsbro" was restored. It then fell into disrepair, but was restored in 1578, and in 1590 it was rebuilt after ice caps had destroyed it. By a transfer in 1787, the ferry company had i.a. "a small oak boat to carry out", so the ferry has not always been able to land.

The two ferrymen lived in Gammel Spodsbjerg 1 km south of the ferry terminal. They each had their own house, but they were later built together into "Den gamle Færgegård". From here, passengers had to walk 1 km on the sandy beach, which could be flooded at high tide. Then they had to wade or be carried on the backs of the ferrymen out to the small boat that was to sail them out to the ferry itself. Getting a horse-drawn carriage or cattle by ferry was extremely difficult without harming the animals. Since the beginning of the 19th century, there was lively discussion about who should rectify these miserable conditions, but in 1835 landowner Hastrup on Hjortholm offered to build a new ferry yard and acquire new ferries, etc., if the public would pay for the bridge and harbor.

In 1839, the General Post Office began to charge a bridge fee for the new ferry bridge, and a little south of it, the new ferry yard was completed, where Færgegårdens Camping is now located. The road network was also expanded, and around 1870 a country road came all the way to the ferry. On October 8, 1869, "Det forenede Dampskibsselskab for Langeland og Lolland" put the first steamship on the route to Nakskov. It was taken over in 1884 by Sydfyenske Dampskibsselskab.

In 1899 Spodsbjerg is described as follows: "Spodsbjærg, Ferry place with crossing to Taars, Laaland (by the ferry bridge, located in Tullebølle S., there is up to 11 F. Water), Steamship connection with Nakskov, Strandkontrollørbolig, Telephone station (Telegraph cable between Spodsbjærg and Todsbjærg decommissioned 1899). "

The ferry berth was improved in 1960 and again in 1981.

The station town
Spodsbjerg was one of the terminals on the Langelandsbanen (1911-62). In the summer, bathing trains ran from Rudkøbing to Spodsbjerg every day. The 7-8 carriages with bathers were disconnected and used for changing. At the end of the day they were driven back to Rudkøbing. The monumental station building, which also housed the city's small police station, has been preserved at Spodsbjergvej 351.

In 1937, a fishing port was built for the approx. 25 cutters. In the 1940s there were 2 merchants, 2 butchers and 2 bakers in the town.