Store Heddinge



Store Heddinge is located in East Zealand and is a town with 3,430 inhabitants (2020) located on the peninsula Stevns. It originated in the 13th century, and was given the title of market town in 1441. The town is located in Stevns Municipality and belongs to Region Zealand.

Store Heddinge is Stevns' capital and at the same time a trading center for a larger catchment area. It has a railway station and is via Movia's railway company Lokaltog connected to Hårlev to the west and Rødvig to the south. Secondary route 261 passes west of the city and goes in a northwesterly direction towards Køge. A few kilometers to the east are Stevns Klint and the Baltic Sea.

From Store Heddinge there are approx. 6 kilometers to Højerup, 13 to Hårlev, 22 to Faxe, 22 to Køge and just over 30 kilometers to Haslev.


Historical buildings
The courthouse in Store Heddinge was built around 1838 on the then newly built Nytorv as a council, courthouse and detention center by the architect J.H. Koch, who was director of the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts.
St. Catherine's Church dates from 1190 and was built of limestone.
The city gate-like water tower from 1911 (built of chalk stone from Stevns Klint and red monk stones)
At Kirketorvet 7 there is an old rectory with a vestibule from 1750.
There was a Latin school in the town in 1620 which was closed in 1739, in addition the town got a riding school in 1722.