Ulfborg is a station town located close to Nissum Fjord in West Jutland. The city has 2,025 inhabitants (2020) and is located on the railway line between Ringkøbing and Holstebro. Ulfborg is located in Holstebro Municipality and belongs to the Central Jutland Region.

In the former town hall, a citizen service has been established today, which can locally serve the citizens in relation to the tasks that do not require specialists.

The library, which was inaugurated in 1997, is housed in a building complex on the square and has a material stock of approx. 20,000 books and other media.

Ulfborg Gæstgivergaard, built in 1878 and renovated in 2007, has a restaurant, rooms and a hall with room for approx. 150 dining guests.

In the station town, Ulfkær Church is part of Ulfborg Parish.

The royally privileged Ulfborg Market was held for the first time on 21 August 1840. Over the years, the number of visitors has been constantly increasing. The market is held every year in week 33 in the green area by Ringvejen.

A few kilometers to the west is the characteristic red-and-white 54 meter high wind turbine, Tvindmøllen, by the school association Tvind. In the eastern direction there are large stretches of heath.



The part of the West Jutland longitudinal railway on which Ulfborg is located was opened on 31 March 1875.

In 1879 the conditions are described as follows: "Ulvborg Church, Ulvborg Præstegaard, a School by the Church, in addition 3 Secondary Schools (the northern, eastern and southern), Railway Station".

At the turn of the century, Ulfborg church town had a church, vicarage, savings bank (established 1870) and assembly house (built 1884), while Ulfborg station town had a branch church, mission house (built 1902), school (Sønderkjær School), epidemic house (owned by the county, built 1893; Architect: Østergaard Nielsen, with 18 beds and disinfection facility), pharmacy, district doctor's residence, several doctors, veterinarian, communal dairy, traders, craftsmen, etc., marketplace (market in April, August and October, the largest market with horses and cattle in West Jutland), railway , telegraph and telephone station as well as post office.

According to the 1930 census, of Ulfborg's 1,005 inhabitants lived 78 of agriculture, 356 of industry, 152 of trade, 102 of transport, 44 of intangible business, 138 of housework, 138 were out of business and 2 had not provided information.

Schools and leisure center
Ulfborg Børnehus is a municipal children's institution with room for 88 children aged 3 - 6 years. Most recently, the institution has been expanded with a crèche with room for 12 children

Ulfborg School on Holmgade is a primary school with classes from 0 to 9. with approx. 330 students. There is also a special class with 34 students. There are 35 teachers and 15 educators / assistants at the school. Adjacent to the school there is a after-school center with 110 children.

Ulfborg Friskole was closed after it went bankrupt in May 2013.

Ulfborg Aktiv Center has wards with care and elderly housing, an activity center as well as a kitchen and cafeteria. The residential part consists of 58 homes and 10 guest rooms intended for shorter stays in connection with rehabilitation, recreation, etc. The activity center is a house with several workshops, which offers activities and day care for citizens who live on site and for pensioners from the local area. The center's Cafeteria can be used by citizens who live on site as well as pensioners living in the local area who use the activity part of the center. In the cafeteria, several major events are held weekly for the elderly.

On Sportsvej is Vestjydsk Fritidscenter which has a traditional sports hall with facilities for handball, indoor football, badminton, volleyball, basketball, karate and gymnastics. There is also a new multi-purpose hall, fitness center and Ulfborg Swimming Center with three pools, two of which have a water temperature of 32 degrees. There is also a 40 meter long water slide. Next to the leisure center there is a campsite with 44 pitches.

Vestjydsk Fritidscenter has a traditional sports hall with facilities for the most famous sports such as handball, indoor football, badminton, volleyball, basketball, karate and gymnastics. There is also a new multi-purpose gym, the fitness center.

Ulfborg Kirkeby
Approx. four kilometers north of the town in the small village Ulfborg Kirkeby with approx. 130 inhabitants are Ulfborg Church belonging to Ulfborg Parish. The church was built in the 13th century and is known, among other things, for its lectureship pulpit. The former school is home to the Regional History Study Center. West of the country road is the town's clubhouse and sports field, which in addition to ball games is used for dog training. North of the former school is the town hall. West of the village is Felsted Kog, which has been a game reserve since 1936.