Varde is a town in Southwest Jutland with 14,022 inhabitants (2020). Varde is the capital of Varde Municipality and, like the rest of southern Jutland, belongs to the Region of Southern Denmark. Varde has chosen to have a greater focus on being in a municipality where nature is very versatile and offers many opportunities. Among other things. therefore, they have now challenged the city's motto "Handelsbyen Varde" and are now working under the common motto "We in nature".

The city is located approx. 18 kilometers north of Esbjerg, and is located by Varde Å It has a city center characterized by an old market town environment, which makes it well-visited as a holiday and tourist town in the summer, as the distance to the North Sea is not great from the city. Varde's age is not known exactly, but is mentioned in written sources in 1107, and its actual origin is thus lost in the early part of the Middle Ages.

From the beginning, the city name appears in two different versions: Warwath and Warwik. The prefix "War-" is identical for both words, and it is interpreted as "exaggerated", possibly. "beach" or other "uncultivated area". The suffixes "-wath" and "-wik" stand for terms such as "ford" and "cove", respectively. The explanation for the two partially deviating versions of the city name thus seems completely natural, all depending on whether one has viewed the city from the land or the sea side.

Like other older cities in Denmark, Varde is located in a place where the landscape in various ways favors settlement and other human activity. The city has thus grown close to a river with a convenient berth for ships in a place where the north-south-going road traffic had a significant ford or crossing point, which has since been replaced by a bridge.