Vordingborg is a market town in South Zealand and is the capital of Vordingborg Municipality, which belongs to Region Zealand. The town is located by Masnedsund and is connected via a bridge to Masnedø and further over Storstrømsbroen to Falster.

Within the ring of estates, Vordingborg has 12,032 inhabitants (2020) and 17,904 inhabitants with the satellite cities Nyråd, Ørslev and Stensved, which are located respectively. 1, 3 and 5 km from the city limits. These towns are old villages that have developed into satellite towns with large residential areas, because the estates Rosenfeldt, Iselingen and Marienlyst complicate an overall urban area development in Vordingborg.

Vordingborg is an old ferry town with a rich history. The ruins of the old royal castle, which was home to three Valdemar kings, are the city's main attraction. The only fully preserved part, the Goose Tower, is the city's landmark. There is also a historic-botanical garden on the ramparts; it was created in 1921 by landscape architect G.N. Brandt on the basis of the oldest Danish garden book from 1647 Horticultura Danica by Hans Raszmussøn Block. The town's church Our Lady's Church dates from 1388 and is located on the church meadow, from where the remains of a moat extend to the castle ruins.

Vordingborg has a high school, business school, seminary, barracks and railway station and is home to Denmark's Borgcenter, the former South Zealand Museum. On the peninsula Oringe there is a hospital for the mentally ill. The city has three ports, including two marinas and an industrial port. Along the coast by Storstrømmen is the popular Ore Strand. Every year in July, the town party Vordingborg Festuge is held and the award-winning Prince Jørgens Garde is affiliated with the city. In odd years in August, the international theater festival Waves is held, organized by the city's regional theater Cantabile 2.

A special road, Morten Olsen's Allé, by the city's stadium, is named after the city boy, national football team coach and former national team player Morten Olsen, who grew up in the city. He is one of the few in Denmark who has been given a name after him alive.

Gl. Vordingborg Municipality was formed in 1970 and was until the Local Government Reform, 2007 in Storstrøms County. The current Vordingborg Municipality has arisen through the merger of Langebæk Municipality, Møn Municipality, Præstø Municipality and Gl. Vordingborg municipality.

From the South Zealand market town there are 17 km to Præstø, 28 to Stege, 29 to Næstved, just over 31 to Nykøbing Falster, 58 to Rødbyhavn and 92 km to Copenhagen.