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Matsalu National Park

Matsalu National Park

Matsalu National Park covers and area of 486.4 km2 (120,192 acres) in the Matsalu Bay area in the Western Estonia. This nature reserve was established in 1957 to protect breeding and feeding grounds of local species of birds.



Location: Matsalu Bay    Map

Area: 486.4 km2 (120,192 acres)





Description of Matsalu National Park


Most of Matsalu National Park are covered by dense forests and expansive wet lands. In addition to 250 species of birds (geese, mallards, ducks, scoter, gulls, barnacle goose and etc) Matsalu National Park has foxes, elk, deer, raccoon dogs and water rats. Additionally wild boars are quiet frequent on border of the forest of Matsalu National Park. This might be fairly dangerous creatures and should be avoided by all means.












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