Narva Castle (Hermanni linnus)

Narva Castle

Narva Castle is one of the most important and notable citadels in this part of the World despite its modest size.


Location: Narva    Map

Constructed: 1346

Info: Puskini 12, 356 0184

Tel. (+372) 359 9230

Narva Museum

359 9245

Open: 10am- 6pm daily


Description of Narva Castle

Narva Castle was constructed in the 13th century by the Danish forces after the conquered this region of the Baltic sea. In 1346 the wooden structure was replaced by a stone stronghold. Later Tall Hermann Tower was added that reached a height of 51 meters. It changed hands several times so it was known locally under several names including Hermann (Herman) Castle and Hermannsburg. It became an important citadel in the Northern War between Russian and Swedish Empires. Eventually Russian troops took Narva Castle in the early 18th century. Over time military technology made the Narva Fortress obsolete. Today the castle houses a local museum and many handicraft workshops.


Reenactments from the Great Northern War (1700- 1721)

Russian troops

Narva Castle Reenactment 

Swedish troops

Narva Castle Reenactment