Paide Castle

Paide Castle

Paide Castle is a ruined medieval citadel situated in Paide, Järva County of Estonia.



Location: Paide, Järva County Map

Constructed: 30 September 1291 by Halt, master of the Livonian Order

Info: Parnu 6, 385 0400

Jarvamaa Museum

Lembitu 5

Tel. 385 1867

Open: Apr- Oct: 11am- 6pm Wed- Sun

Nov- Mar: 10am- 5pm Wed- Sun


Description of Paide Castle

The construction of the Paide fortress began on 30 September 1291 by Halt, master of the Livonian Order. Paide Castle served an important mission of defending the newly acquired lands from attacks from local pagan tribes. In the 14th century the castle was increased in size. A central tower reached a height of 6 stories (30 meters) and its wall reached a thickness of 4 meters.


In the mid- 16th century Paide Castle had to match new improvement in the firearms. Owners of Paide Castle added bastions with cannons to defend the citadel. During Livonian War against tsars of Moscow the castle was besieged several times by the Russians. It was eventually taken in 1573. In 1608 the Swedes captured Paide Castle. Eventually it was abandoned and left in ruins. In 1895- 97 the main tower was restored, but in 1941 it was destroyed by the Soviet government. It was restored again in 1990- 93 and today it serves as a museum devoted to the history of Paide Castle.