Sangaste Manor

Sangaste Manor

Sangaste Manor is situated in Lossiküla village, Sangaste parish in Estonia.


Location: Lossiküla village, Sangaste parish  Map

Constructed: 1879–1881

Tel. 767 9300

Open: 10am- 4pm daily

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Description of Sangaste Manor

Sangaste Manor was constructed between 1879 and 1881. The beginning of the Sangaste Manor is somewhat unusual. Young count Friedrich Georg Magnus von Berg decided to marry an English woman. Unfortunately for him girl's father was somewhat of an ethnocentric man. He refused the advancement of a young Russian count and called him a "Russian savage". Friedrich got insulted by such a treatment and decided to build a miniature version of the Windsor Castle, English Royal residence, on his lands. Apparently insulting someone can do good things in the end.