Soomaa National Park (Soomaa rahvuspark)

Soomaa National Park

Soomaa National Park is situated in South Western Estonia. This nature bio reserve covers an area of 359 km2 (139 sq mi) protecting wetlands, flowering meadows, forests and numerous livers and lake.



Location: Viljandi County  Map

Area: 359 km2 (139 sq mi)

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Description of Soomaa National Park

The name of Soomaa National Park is roughly translated as "land of the bogs". If you need any information about the park and its current conditions you can get it in visiting center is located in the city of Tõramaa. It offers media guides, map and a small library about flora and fauna of Soomaa National Park.


The entrance of Soomaa National Park is free. However you should be aware that the park has so- called "fifth season", usually in the middle or late spring when tributaries of Pärnu River flood the area. Due to low elevation of the park it can cause great danger to anyone who hikes here or stays overnight. Soomaa National Park is rich with many species of animals including large carnivores like brown bears, wolves and lynxes. Additionally it is inhabited by roe deer, beavers, elk and wild boars that can actually be more dangerous than all other animals combined. The easiest way to avoid unwanted encounters is to travel in groups or carrying something that rattles. It will warn all animals in the area about your arrival.


Soomaa National Park has an extensive network of hiking trails that range from 800 meters to 32 km. Additionally you can rent a boat or a canoe to explore the river system. Additionally you can use a traditional Estonian dugout boat called Haab that is being made in the vicinity of the natural bio reserve. It is especially useful then rivers rise and flood the area. It is usually the time then over 160 species of birds begin to lay their nests. This include cranes, black storks, black grouse, golden eagle, capercaillie, moor and many others. In addition to natural wonders Soomaa National Park also houses a museum of Mart Saar, a Estonian composer who became famous for his collection of Estonian folk songs.