Taevaskoja Sandstone Cliffs

Taevaskoja Sandstone Cliffs

Taevaskoja Sandstone Cliffs or simply Taevaskoja Cliffs are natural geologic formations situated in Põlva County in Estonia.



Location: Põlva County   Map

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Description of Taevaskoja Sandstone Cliffs

Taevaskoja white cliffs along Ahja River are geological outcrops of the Devonian period. The name of the this natural formation comes from an Estonian words for "Heaven's Hall" for obvious similarities with the heaven's clouds. You can take several short hiking trails along the river or take any water transport to view the area of the white cliffs. You can rent the boat from the Saessare dam. As you walk down the river you will encounter the Small Taevaskoja and Big Travaskoja, two white sandstone cliffs. Additionally you can visit Neitsikoobas or a "Maiden's Cave" that is carved by the Anja River. Many local are associated with this location. According to some of the local legends it is home to a beautiful blonde virgin who lives here and spends her time by weaving her gold fabric. Few brave souls reached the far end of the Maiden's Cave, but remained there, captured by the beauty of a woman.