Vilsandi National Park

Vilsandi National Park

Vilsandi National Park is situated on the Harilaid peninsula of Saaremaa Island, Saare county in Estonia.



Location: Harilaid peninsula of Saaremaa island, Saare county Map

Area: 238 km2 (92 sq mi)

Tel. 454 6880


Description of Vilsandi National Park

Vilsandi National Park covers an area of 238 km2 (92 sq mi). This nature reserve was originally found in 1957, but its history starts in 1906 when a lonely lighthouse keeper, Arthur Toom, undertook one man crusade to preserve the birds of six islands located in the Baltic Sea. Eventually he achieved the status of bird sanctuary in 1910. Protective area of Vilsandi National Park encompasses over 100 marine rocks and outcrops left from a Silurian coral reefs. Today they serve as a breeding grounds for at least 247 species of birds. Vilsandi National Park contains many trails with several observation sites for bird watching. Hunting in these lands is absolutely prohibited by the federal laws.