Elva is a city and municipality in Tartu County, Estonia. There are two large lakes in Elva. Lake Verevi has a sandy and well-developed beach area that is very popular in the summer and hosts many outdoor activities. Lake Arbi has damp, reedy shores. Elva's largest employer (and throughout South Estonia) is Enics Eesti AS, a subsidiary of the Enics Group, providing electronics manufacturing services in the field of industrial electronics. Elva has one school, Elva Gümnaasium, offering education from 1st grade to high school graduation.

The dominant element in Elva is the train station, which today serves as an information center for visitors and which in past centuries was an important trade route.

For more information on hiking and cycling, please contact the Visitor Information Center. The Elva River, with its old mills and fast-flowing banks, is popular with canoeing enthusiasts. In winter, skiers can take part in the Tartu Marathon, part of the Worldloppet series. In summer, mountain bikes are available on its 60 km long trail from Otepää to Elva.



Tartu County Museum
The Tartu County Museum (formerly the Elva Museum of Local Lore and the Elva Interdistrict Museum of Internal Affairs) was founded in 1959 in the town of Elva.

The postal address of the museum was Elva, Pikk street 2. It had two branches: the Leopold Hansen House-Museum of the actor Vanemuine at 10 Vanemuine, and the Artist Eduard Kutsar House-Museum at Kerner 4. The branches were located in houses donated to the museum by Hansen and Kutsar ... The last director of the museum was Kadri Kivari, chief curator of Indrek Merimaa.

According to the statutes, the main task of the museum was "To evaluate the history, culture and natural history of Tartu County as one of the historical and cultural regions of Estonia for the benefit of society and its participation in society."

The museum belonged to the Ministry of Culture. In recent years, a move to Alatskivi Castle has been considered, but this has led to opposition from Elva. In 2012 it was decided to move the museum to Elva. However, negotiations between the Ministry of Culture and the city of Elva reached an impasse. According to the ministry, the city of Elva made demands that violated the Law on State Property, and the city did not want to take on the current staff of the Tartu County Museum.

According to the mayor of Elva Toomas Järveoja, the city planned to sell two branches and isolate the headquarters of the museum for the money received. However, the city did not want to take over the museum in the state, where, according to the Ministry of Culture, it did not meet the requirements and thus soon threatened the city with the admonitions of several authorities.


Closing the museum
After the failure of negotiations, the ministry decided to close the museum. This was justified, on the one hand: “The goals, actual content and possibilities of the museum created by the Elvin Interregional Museum of Local Lore do not correspond to each other, and the regional features and sights of Tartu County are more clearly marked in other places. will be able to meet the needs of the district by providing museum services. "

“The repositories are overflowing, the active replenishment of collections has been stopped due to lack of space. Storage conditions do not meet the requirements for temperature and humidity, but heating costs are unreasonably high. In recent years, due to the economic downturn, the number of museum employees has decreased. in the explanatory note to the closure project.

Most of the museum collections were donated to the Estonian National Museum on January 31, 2013, and the collection of objects and the archive of actor Leopold Hansen was donated to the Tartu City Museum. Three objects of the museum were transferred to the State Real Estate.

Elva church
Elva Church - Lutheran church on Elgi Street in Elva. The church is used by the Elk community of Elk, and the building was designed by the architect of the city of Tartu, Arved Eichhorn († 1922).

Lake Verevi
Lake Verevi (in Estonian Verevi järv; also known as Lake Elva or Elva Suurjärv) is an 11.7 hectares (29 acres) lake located on the western side of the city of Elva in southern Estonia. There is one main dock with two slides (red and blue) side by side. The large dock has a closed area specially designed for swimming with two trampolines. There is a rescue house nearby where you can get first aid or other basic necessities. During the summer, there are many tourist attractions, with its beautiful grounds and surrounding forests.

Lake Arbi
Lake Arbi (in Estonian Arbi järv) is a 6 hectare (15 acre) lake in the center of Elva in southern Estonia. The lake is 42.5 m (139 ft) above sea level.