Obinitsa (also known as Obiniste, Abinitsa, Kirikmäe) is a village in Setomaa Parish, Viru County, Southeast Estonia. The population is 187 people (as of January 1, 2009).

Meremäe-Obinitsa Primary School was closed in 2009, after which the building is used as a nursing home.

Obinitsa-Finno-Ugric Cultural Capital 2015.



Obinit Church School is the Estonian Apostolic Orthodox Church. It is located in Obinitsa, about 280 kilometers from Tallinn. Construction of the church began in 1896 and its official inauguration began in 1897. On December 16, 1894, the land was allocated for the church and school by the village of Obinitsa. The church was closed in 1950. The bell tower was dismantled and the building turned into a school.

People's museum hut
Home of Seto Societies, where you can socialize and taste Seto folk dishes,
Atelier-Gallery Halas Kunn ("Green Frog"), where Finno-Ugric exhibitions, folk theatrical performances are held, folk art lessons on making silver folk jewelry and penography are organized,
Monument to Hilan Taarka - Setu Singing mother and memorial stones to other singing mothers.