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Pühtitsa Convent (Kuremäe Jumalaema Uinumise nunnaklooster (Estonian); Пюхтицкий Успенский женский монастырь (Russian))

Puhtitsa Convent is a Russian Orthodox Monastery that is located in Ida-Viru County in Eastern Estonia.




Location: Ida-Viru County  Map


Found: 1891







Description of Puhtitsa Convent


The name of Puhtitsa Convent is derived from Estonian word Pühitsetud that means "blessed". Several Estonians witnessed and talked to Holy Virgin on the mountain.  Puhtitsa Orthodox monastery was established in 1891. Over 200 nuns eventually settled here establishing a hospital for the poor and the peasants who lived in the vicinity of the abbey. Everyone was accepted regardless of nationality or religion.


After Soviet Revolution Estonia became independent for a brief period. After the end of the World War II Baltic states were added to the USSR. Puhtitsa Convent remarkably remained open despite numerous attacks of the atheistic government. In fact organized attacks against religion and this abbey in particular had the opposite effect. Many young women came here to be ordained as nuns.


Plan of the Puhtitsa Convent (taken from Official site)


1. The Dormition Cathedral 1910

2. The Refectory Church of Sts. Symeon and Anne 1895

3. St. Sergius Church 1895

4. The Cemetery Church of St. Nicholas and St. Arsenios the Great 1885

5. The Holy Gates of the Convent with the bell-tower 1893

6. The Belfry of the St. Sergius Church 1988

7. The Church of St. John the Baptist and St. Isidore, the Hieromartyr (a baptistery) 1990

8. The Convent's official residence (guest-house)

9. The Church of St. Alexius and St. Varvara, the Great-martyr /within the alms-house of the Convent 1986

10. The Ancient Chapel by the oak-tree

11. St. George's Chapel 1989

12. Cell-houses. Work-shops. Maintenance-buildings

13. The Convent Hostel















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