Valga is a city in the south of Estonia, on the border with Latvia. Valga and Valka in Latvia are actually one city. Valga is larger, with about 15,000 inhabitants. The city has the only railway station through which you can get from Estonia to Latvia. The city is rather boring, but it is curious to know its position on the invisible state border. It has a military museum with a rich exhibition dedicated to the Estonian War of Independence.

The border (in the literal sense of the word) of the place is perhaps the most interesting feature of Valga. There are no medieval monuments or interesting wooden buildings in the city, so Valga lacks the charm and comfort inherent in other Estonian cities. The population of Valga is mixed, 35% of Russians and most other people speak Russian, because it was and is the language of interethnic communication between the inhabitants of Estonia and Latvia. The city has a light industry (furniture, clothing and footwear, woodworking). Life at the train station is comfortable, but the overall economic situation is rather bleak, and it can be seen with the naked eye: Valga is one of the poorest county towns in Estonia.

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