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Government Palace (Valtioneuvoston linna) (Helsinki)

Government Palace (Valtioneuvoston linna) (Helsinki)

Government Palace of Finland is situated on the East side of the Senate Square. It was constructed in 1818- 1822 under supervision of an architect Carl Ludvig Engel. Aleksanterinkatu wing was later completed in 1824 and Ritarinkatu wing was finished in 1828. Finally Government Palace was increased in height in 1916- 17.




Location: Snellmaninkatu 1A, Helsinki

Constructed: 1818- 22




Much of the building remains in original design. The only major alteration to the Government Palace was removal of a double headed eagle, symbol of a Russian Empire after Finland got its independence. Today this and other symbols are stored on the exhibition at the National Museum.


Government Palace became the center of the executive branch of Finland. Many of the important events in the life of the country started here. Additionally the building saw its share of tragic events. Thus in 1904 Governor- General of Finland Nikolai Bobrikov was killed by nationalist and a Senate clerk Eugen Schauman in 1904 on the stairway of the Government Palace. Schauman subsequently committed suicide by shooting himself with explosive bullets.



Bobrikov                         Schauman











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