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Senate Square (Helsinki)

Senate Square (Helsinki)

Senate Square in the center of Helsinki is usually the starting point for visiting Finnish capital. Most of historic buildings and notable structures surround the square or in close proximity to it. German architect Carl Ludvig Engel (1778- 1840) was charged with planning several buildings in Helsinki as well as general layout of the city center. Senate Square has an enormous Cathedral on its Northern site, Helsinki University in the West and the Government Palace on the East side. Additionally you can see Sederholm House adjacent to the Senate Square. It was constructed in 1757 and considered to be oldest stone building in Helsinki.




Location: Kruunnunhaka, Helsinki

Trolley: 1, 1A, 2, 3B, 3T, 4, 7A, 7B

Bus: 16




Helsinki Cathedral and statue to Russian tsar Alexander II Liberator


At the North side of the Square at the base of staircase that leads to the Helsinki Cathedral you can see a statue dedicated to Alexander II the Liberator, Russian Emperor. It was designed shortly after tragic death of one of the most liberal tsars in Russian history from the hands of the Revolutionaries. Finnish Diet (re- established by Emperor Alexander II in 1863) organized a contest in 1884 for best design. However the monument was unveiled only on 29 April (emperor's birthday) 1894. Statue of the Russian emperor stands on a pedestal with four figures that represent lux (light in Latin), pax (peace), labor (labour) and lex (law). The last statue of a woman is particularly famous. It was made by a sculpture J.L. Runeberg. It romantisized symbol of Finland. She holds a sword at one arm and a shield with Latin words lex (law) written at the other. Her had and back is covered by skins of animals and a lion of Finland stands behind her. The statue was so popular that two copies were made and placed in a House of the Estates at the main staircase, and another copy was placed in the Presidential Palace.










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