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Suomenlinna Island Fortress (Helsinki)


Suomenlinna Island Fortress was constructed by the Swedish army between 1748 and 1772 to defend South Finland region against possible Russian attacks. It consists of several fortifications on a small archipelago of six islands: Kustaanmiekka, Susisaari, Iso- Mustasaari, Pikku- Mustasaari, Lansi- Mustasaari and Langoren.



Location: Helsinki

Tel. 09- 684 1880




Russian Empire increased the size of the fortress and improved its design to fit the changing military technologies. Suomenlinna Island Fortress defended approaches to a Russian capital of Saint Petersburg during Crimean War against French and English fleets. During World War I it stopped German fleet from doing the same. During World War II Suomenlinna Island Fortress became a concentration camp for convicts and Soviet prisoners of war.


Suomenlinna Island Fortress  Helsinki Suomenlinna Island Fortress

Today it is recognized as UNESCO World Heritage Site. Ironically until Helsinki didn't became part of the Russian Empire in 1809 Suomenlinna Island Fortress had higher population than Helsinki. Historic complex of Suomenlinna contains about 400 buildings and various military fortifications that date to late 18th and early 19th century. You can get here by taking a ferry from Market Square.










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