Klaukkala (Swedish: Klövskog) is an urban village in the southern part of Nurmijärvi municipality near Lake Valkjärvi. Until the 2010s, Klaukkala was an agglomeration, but now it has merged into the Helsinki metropolitan area.

The population of Klaukkala and its surrounding areas is almost 20,000, and it is growing the fastest among the Nurmijärvi agglomerations. The population of Klaukkala began to rise in the 1960s, when it surpassed the main settlement of Nurmijärvi, Kirkonkylä. In the 1970s, Klaukkala also grew larger than Rajamäki, which until then had the largest population in the Nurmijärvi agglomeration.

2020-first century Klaukkala change the residents of the metropolitan area, above all, the rural settlement half an hour's drive from the center of Helsinki attracts especially families with children. At the beginning of the 2000s, many detached houses were built in Klaukkala, but the situation has changed, as up to three quarters of the new houses are storey, terraced and semi-detached houses. Klaukkala is about 5 km from Espoo and the Vantaa border and less than 30 km from Helsinki. It is crossed by regional road 132 from Hämeenlinnanväylä to Loppi.

Traffic volumes increased by population growth are causing problems. The main challenge is the very congested Klaukkalantie, which is used by about 16,000 vehicles / day. A solution to the problem is being sought on the bypass between the village of Numlahti and Hämeenlinnanväylä, which runs from the northern part of Klaukkala and has been planned since the early 1980s. The road will be built by Kreate Oy and its estimated completion time is in autumn 2021, but the road will be opened to traffic as early as November 2020. Continuation of the road to the east to Tuusula as part of the Ring Road IV project is also planned. There are also plans for a possible rail connection to Helsinki, probably as a continuation of the Vantaankoski line.

In 2017, the construction of Viirinlaakso began. Among other things, seven apartment buildings and a new travel center will be built in Viirinlaakso. An exceptionally 10-storey "landmark" of Klaukkala will also be built there, on the ground floor of which will be the Matkahuolto office, which is connected to the travel centre's waiting areas, and a restaurant.

Among other things, the people of Klaukkala have put forward ideas on social media about Klaukkala leaving its own municipality or joining either Espoo or Vantaa, due to the residents' dissatisfaction with the decisions of the Nurmijärvi municipality. The delay in many construction works has also irritated some residents of the area.