Château d'Hardelot

Château d'Hardelot is located in Hardelot, Pas de Calais departement of France. Although the original structure date back to the 12th century much of the structure today was added in the 19th and 20th century. It has a shape of a polygon with nine towers protecting its flanks. It is further defended by two large concentric ditches that protected its military fortification.



Location: Hardelot, Pas de Calais departement   Map

Constructed: 12th century, major renovation 19th- 20th centuries


History of Château d'Hardelot

The original Château d' Hardelot castle was erected in the 12th century by the Counts of Boulogne. It was here that in 1194 Renaud Dammartin signed the first municipal charter Boulogne. It was further increased in 1222 by Count Philippe Hurepel of Clermont. Parts of that fortress is still visible today. It played an important role during Wars of Religion in the 16th century. It was besieged and taken by armies of the French king as well as the Catholic League. Eventually it was partially dismantled by the orders of Richelieu. A new life of a former fortress started in 1848 when the Englishman Sir John Hare started reconstruction of the castle. He managed to keep the original ruins and build his own Tudor mansion around it. One of the most famous visitors to the manor was famous writer Charles Dickens who was a personal friend of its owner.