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Château d'Andlau

Château d'Andlau

Château d'Andlau is a well preserved medieval citadel that sits on top of the strategic hill overlooking a charming wine covered valley.



Location: Bas-Rhin département     Map

Constructed:1246 and 1264 by  by Eberhard d'Andlau




Description of Château d'Andlau


Château d'Andlau was constructed by Eberhard d'Andlau between 1246 and 1264. Then Alsace region lost its independence in 1678 and became just another province of French kingdom it suffered a pillage from the hands of troops of marshal François de Créquy. After French Revolution the castle was quickly sold to the merchant who started selling the citadel piece by piece. However in 1818 the château was bought by Antoine-Henri d'Andlau who managed to stop the destruction. Currently it is in possession of the Andlau family.











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