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Château du Fleckenstein

Château du Fleckenstein

Château du Fleckenstein is located in Lembach in Bas-Rhin department of France. Château du Fleckenstein has a shape of a boat with a length of 52 meters, constructed on top of the sandstone.



Location: Lembach, Bas-Rhin department    Map

Constructed: 12th century

Tel. +33 88 94 28 52




History of Château du Fleckenstein


Château du Fleckenstein existed here since at least since 1165 when Fleckenstein aristocratic family constructed it to defend its lands. However there is no way to tell for sure then was it constructed exactly or whether the underground structures existed before fortifications were added. Unique system of collection of rainwater should be mentioned separately. Underground tunnels cut in the sandstone below the castle is designed in a way that all rainwater can be collected in the underground cisterns. During sieges it could be used by the defending garrison.


Castle lost its military use and subsequently renovated in the 15th and 16th centuries. Only lower portions of the castle date back to the medieval times. Upper parts of towers and walls were added later. In 1570 Château du Fleckenstein was divided between two branches of the Fleckenstein family and in 1720 the castle was sold to Vitzthum d'Egersberg.  In 1807 fortress was baught by Apffel and in 182 it was acquired by Baron Pierrebourg. Since 1919 it came in possession of the French state and added to the list of historical monuments of France.











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